Playground Design in Prestbury

Playground Design in PrestburyAt Lancashire Top Soil Ltd we don’t limit ourselves, so if it’s a playground design in Prestbury you want, we’re the people to call. Our experience extends to gardens, domestic and commercial landscaping, environmental projects and 30 years of implementing our designs. Playground design projects can be undertaken as part of a school or daycare facilities overall landscape or developed for use churches and park districts. We can incorporate age specific play areas or make the playground interesting for all age groups. Our finished product will be stimulating, safe and aesthetically beautiful as we frame the play areas with natural beauty. We like to include a quiet place for reading and chatting away from the active areas.

Ride the tricycle track or smell the flowers in a scented garden. In Prestbury, playground design by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd has something for everyone. Children will enjoy getting wet with water games and building castles in the shady sandbox. Rubber safety matting helps prevent injuries in the open active play areas. Our murals and playground paintings enhance the sense of a kid only sanctuary. We protect their safety with fencing and ornamental grills. When we finish, the children will feel proud knowing this playground belongs to them whether whizzing by on roller skates or listening to story time in a fairy garden.

If you are interested in knowing about our playground design in Prestbury, our designer will be pleased to meet with you at your school. For more about playground design, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. During this free consultation, she will want input from you regarding ideas you would like to see as part of the design. At that time measurements of the area we have to work with will be taken. Once the design is complete, we mail it to you for review. This is when any changes you request will be noted. We will also enclose a quote that includes every phase of the work including the playground equipment, plantings, concrete and soft surface and installation. The quote is for a completed playground according to the design. Call us at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and take advantage of our free consult, design and quote offer.

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