Garden Design in Trafford

Garden Design in Trafford Wonderful gardens are simply those ones that you love being in and garden design in Trafford is all about creating beautiful gardens that wash peace over you after a hectic day. People in Trafford agree that the best gardens are those ones that are relaxing and most of all, easy to maintain. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we’ve been providing exceptional garden design for more than 30 years. Because of this experience, we’re able to take on a host of different projects. We understand how important soil preparation is for flower beds and lawns, how to lay garden walks that people will use, how to include attractive, low-voltage lighting systems so that you can extend your garden pleasure into the night and much more.

At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we always have a theme in mind  when we start a project, but what our  customers appreciate about our services is that we like to offer landscaping styles based on the home and personality of the owners of the property. In Trafford, garden design has to be creative because Trafford has an interesting landscape. We have a number of different but popular landscape design styles, but nothing is set in stone with us and we can get as creative as you need us to be.  Some of our customers like our artificial grass, and it’s no wonder. With drastic improvements the grass looks more natural than ever. We’re always being asked about our artificial grass for areas where our customers don’t want to be bothered with mowing, watering and fertilizing.

With garden design in Trafford, whether you want a koi pond, fountains, a herb garden, bridges, walkways or something else, we’re experts and offer the right skills and services to design a garden for your home, school, office or warehouse. If you are looking for a company to assist with garden design, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. Most of our customers have a good idea of  what they want, but we’re always available to provide advice and suggestions on how to improve your place, and always within the budget you give us.

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