Landscape Maintenance in Bolton

Landscape Maintenance in BoltonIf you have a garden you will require landscape maintenance in Bolton to keep it looking lovely. If you are very busy and do not have time to look after your garden you may want to consider artificial grass. This is one way to have a green lawn all year round. Our grass has been made to resemble real lawn with some longer bits and slightly different colours. You will never have to weed or water ever again.  When there is hard rain you will not have mud tramped through the house and there is no mowing or fertilizing needed. Just enjoy the look and feel of the lawn without all the hard work.

Any property can be beautiful no matter how big or small. In Bolton, landscape maintenance can turn your ordinary garden into a wonderland. We can design a stunning garden for you with the most beautiful plants and flowers. We also specialise in lighting your garden so you can enjoy both day and night. In the wonderful warm summer evenings it is a pleasure to have dinner parties on a patio or deck and look at your stunning garden lit up to show off the most attractive features. We design and build ponds and water features to enhance the look and sound of your garden. There is nothing more soothing than bubbling water. If you have a small garden you can surround your pond with paving making the maintenance easier.

We offer landscape maintenance in Bolton for any domestic or commercial property. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today and we will visit your property and assess the potential. For over 30 years we have been looking after gardens and we have accumulated a large store of knowledge. This allows us to use our diverse experience in designing a garden that is both lovely to look at and practical to upkeep.  We are landscapers and also a garden service and have a range of customers from multi-national properties to small back gardens. Let us help you with your landscape maintenance.

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