Looking for Gardeners in Altrincham?

gardeners in AltrinchamIf you are seeking out specialised gardening services, it is always best to hire professional gardeners. In Altrincham, hiring a gardener on the cheap or trying to plant a garden yourself could end up costing you more money and time, both of which are luxuries in today’s lifestyle. This is especially the case with individuals who want to plant trees and shrubs that do not invoke allergic reactions. It is the ability to tackle these types of challenges that has put Lancashire Top Soil Ltd in the forefront.

A gentleman in Altrincham wanted gardeners able to plant a “low allergy” garden. The gentleman had terrible allergies to pollens but still wanted to partake in the joy of having his own garden. A master gardener from Lancashire Top Soil Ltd advised the gentleman about how they would plant a low-allergy garden. The gardener stated that wind-pollinated plants and trees are the ones that usually aggravate allergies. Pollen that is spread around by insects is too heavy for inhalation. Did you know that weeding and lawn mowing also aggravates allergies? Gardeners from Lancashire Top Soil Ltd would tackle this by laying lawn covers made from lamium, ajuga, or periwinkle. They would also plant trees and plants which invoke less sneezing such as pine, pear, dogwood, plum, tulip, and fir. For shrubs, the gardener recommended heavenly bamboo, hibiscus, viburnum, and boxwood.

There is a reason why you can find the best gardeners in Altrincham at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. All of their gardeners are professionally trained, with years of experience. Apart from planting trees and shrubs, the gardeners at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd also provide soft landscaping and garden maintenance services such as seeding and turfing, weed control, lawn laying, designing gardens, and hedge cutting. For more information about planting a low allergy garden, or for specific questions about services provided by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, please contact them directly at 0161 790 9845.

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