Landscapers in Prestwich

Landscapers in PrestwichLandscapers in Prestwich just mow lawns, right? Surprisingly, this is the understanding of many potential customers when we first speak with them. So often they see a truck in front of a home with lawn mowers and trimmers on a trailer and assume that is the only project handled. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to take care of just about anything that grows, and do it on any scale, small or large.

Prestwich landscapers working for Lancashire Top Soil Ltd often speak with local residents and always try to inform them about all that they can do for them. For one customer this might mean garden maintenance. Many residents love a beautiful garden, but don’t have the time of physical ability to take care of it. Our maintenance service is perfect for this client, trimming, pruning, and watering to keep our customers gardens in top shape.

Other homeowners have a different need for landscapers in Prestwich. They may have a beautiful home, with a garden long ignored. These clients frequently come to us asking if there is anything we can do. Luckily our staff is well trained in the field of garden design and is happy to work with our customers to design the perfect garden. Many customers say, “I want a great garden, but have no idea where to start!” Our designers are perfectly capable of helping even the most novice gardener create a wonderful design. If you are looking for something unique our designer may suggest a custom built deck, or water feature to round out your garden. So the next time you have questions about how to get your garden in shape, be sure to call Lancashire Top Soil Ltd for some expert advice.

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