Garden Designers in Warrington

Garden Designers in WarringtonLancashire Top Soil Ltd, garden designers in Warrington, bring a vast array of talents and skills to every client whether domestic or commercial. Domestic and commercial garden designs are not mutually exclusive. A large commercial landscape project might include ornamental trees, brick pathways, large lawns, huge explosions of blooming plants, a water feature and a safe children’s play area. Shaded secluded nooks with seating may be tucked in here and there for quiet reflection. At night this commercial garden becomes a fairyland with twinkling lights tucked into trees and along walkways. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those same features could be incorporated into your garden at home?

Many of those same features can be incorporated into your garden at home. For larger gardens in Warrington, garden designers from our Lancashire Top Soil Ltd crew along with our master gardeners can incorporate all or as many as you choose of these features into your home garden on a smaller scale. The lighted walking path might connect your garage to your patio and extend on to a  child’s playhouse. Evergreens could add beauty and colour even in dark winter with twinkle lights to celebrate all seasons. A small waterfall banked in blooms will bring life back in spring. Even a tiny garden can become a sheltered retreat textured with stone, grass, blooms and an ornamental tree designed to protect a seating area near a small fish pond.

Let us add significance to your home with our garden designers in Warrington. You furnished the living areas of your home with comfort and beauty why not extend that comfort and beauty to your garden? Do it for yourself and your family to enjoy and as an investment in your home that will someday pay you back financially. Contact us if you have ideas for your garden and let our designers put it on paper and our landscapers make it a reality. If you have no ideas, that’s okay; after thirty years in the business we have many designs that will appeal to you. Gorgeous gardens can be designed as low maintenance for those whose time and skills are limited to sitting in their garden.

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