Garden Designers in Wilmslow

Garden Designers in Wilmslow If your garden is looking overgrown, then our garden designers in Wilmslow at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd would like to help. Home buyers like homes with advertised mature landscaping. Usually they think if there is mature landscaping they won’t have to worry about the exterior of the house for a while. Eventually they discover their open garden space is dwindling as large trees and self-seeding plants encroach on the space like a game of Plants vs Zombies. It may be obvious that the previous homeowners never had a garden design plan. They planted what they liked and planted all of it too close together. It didn’t appear crowded. That is a common scenario.

The same is true for trees. In Wilmslow, garden designers and landscapers tell do-it-yourselfers to plant 12 feet apart for pines and spruces and 25 feet apart for maples. But it looks so sparse so they plant them closer, anyway. Now all that mature landscaping is tangled up in your back garden. Call us at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and we can take a look at your garden together. Your mature landscaping gives us a head start if you want to use some of the existing plants. We can draw up a design we think will work well and you can add or subtract from that. We have a lot of ideas. Some you will like and some you won’t. The goal is to zero in on what appeals to you.

At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, our garden designers in Wilmslow incorporate the components you will enjoy into their designs. Lawns, paving stone walkways and patios, low maintenance plants and ornamental trees to name a few. You might also enjoy a water feature and or landscape lighting. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and let us show you some of our designs to help you get ideas of what you like. If you want to enjoy your garden instead of working in it, the designs will different. If you like working in your garden, you might have us design and prep the area and you do some of the planting. If you enjoy your garden for entertaining and you have a couple of large trees, consider a nightscape with strategically placed tree lighting. The wow effect is awesome.

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