Domestic Landscaping in Worsley

domestic landscaping in WorsleyLancashire Top Soil Ltd has been serving the need for domestic landscaping in Worsley and throughout Manchester for thirty years. That means more than just knowing where to plant the flowers and trees. It means that we know which flowers and trees thrive in our particular part of the world. You may achieve a higher level of success and less maintenance with native plants. When properly nurtured you can expect them to thrive. Installing plants that are not native to the area is not out of the question but you may find they need more nurturing. Our expert team at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd can offer recommendations for those we have found adapt best. Some believe that compatible plants nurture each other and that is not such a stretch of the imagination when you consider their roots intermingle in the soil.

The soil is always the key to healthy plants. For your garden in Worsley, our domestic landscaping company will test your soil for required nutrients and acidic balance. A body can survive on white bread but thrive on whole grains. The same is true for plant life. The right kind of nutrients blended into the soil at the right time will enable healthy plants that can resist disease. Of course, certain plants will need more help so knowing which insecticide to apply in what amount at what point of growth is critical for your successful garden. The same rules apply to your grass, trees, shrubs and flowers. It’s a lot to know and we at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd are the local landscaper with the knowledge and experience to make it work for you.

Our landscapers at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd are experienced in commercial as well as domestic landscaping in Worsley. Bringing a little of that commercial skill to your domestic garden can provide more enjoyment. For instance, artistic landscape lighting can bring a fairy garden look to your night time garden and even a small water feature can be impressive. Stone garden walks and borders protect plants and give your garden a look of permanence. If you want help with landscaping design, layout and installation, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and we will get together at your home. Between us we can create the ideal landscaped garden for your space that meets your preferences.

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