Industrial Landscaping in Sale Moor

Industrial Landscaping in Sale MoorIndustrial landscaping in Sale Moor is important to the surrounding community and the people who work within the industrial buildings. Gravel and chain link is no longer the norm for industrial sites. In the past, industrial complexes were a landscaping blight on a community that depended on the industry for jobs. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we have brought industrial sites out of their dreary grey aura into the green and accented it with trees, colourful flowers and even water features. Passers-by appreciate the industrial site because now it contributes to the overall beauty of an area. People who spend their workdays within the confines are not greeted with a harsh environment, but the welcoming softness only plants can add to a building.

Often industrial building owners who care about their commitment to the community will ask us to add special features for the use of tenants or employees. In Sale Moor, industrial landscaping may include a designated walking or jogging track around the property perimeter. The track will have attractive park benches where a person can enjoy their lunch. Others might include concrete picnic tables where a group can gather for a snack during a break. We can mark off a soccer field if space allows to kick the ball around at lunch. When the building or buildings are necessarily utilitarian creative landscaping provides a softening effect.

Industrial landscaping in Sale Moor improves the value of the property as well as the surrounding properties. The money put into the beautification project will keep giving back for decades or as long as it is maintained. Do something for your yourself, the people who work at your site every day and the surrounding area. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and let us work up a landscape design and cost estimates for your property. Visit some of the industrial sites we have brought to life in the area so you can see the difference first hand. It’s an excellent investment in your building site paying dividends with a lovely ambience for all who see it. Our company designs, installs and maintains the landscaping of our industrial clients. Estimates are free so you have nothing to lose by calling us.

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