Domestic Landscaping in Wilmslow

Domestic Landscaping in WilmslowAre you looking for domestic landscaping in Wilmslow that exceeds the ordinary? Maybe you want a landscaping feature that you don’t see everywhere else. How about a garden made magical with landscape lighting? Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend some time in the evening relaxing in the garden? You could grab a beverage and enjoy being surrounded with the twinkle of lights while you reflect on your day. For you, a landscaper with vast experience and creativity is needed. That is especially true when you are at a loss for ideas. Lancashire Top Soil Ltd has spent 30 years designing and creating a diverse range of gardens for large commercial concerns, municipal clients and domestic projects, large and small. Our designers at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd look forward to consulting with you and creating a landscape that makes you feel at home.

In Wilmslow, domestic landscaping done by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd starts with a visit to your home for a site inspection. We will consider the available space, soil type, degree of sun and shade and existing landscaping. Based on that, we’ll start sketching some designs. We listen to your input about what matters most to you. If you have a shady area and you want low maintenance, then we will work in green perennial plants that are woodsy and shade loving. If you enjoy putting about in your sunny garden, you might like a butterfly garden. Of course, there are dozens of ideas for both sun and shade and varying degrees of maintenance. You can always count on a water feature, even a small one, for an interesting focal point.

When you choose Lancashire Top Soil Ltd for domestic landscaping in Wilmslow, you will also get an education. We do not just design and install your landscaping, we advise you on good maintenance practices for your specific plants. You can always call us with questions. Our professional landscapers can do a lot with a little. Therefore, do not fear for your budget. Tell us your cost limit and we will respect that. You will be pleased with the results. We leave room for your garden to mature so you have the joy of watching your plants grow and proliferate. Tuck in some wood nymphs and twinkle lights and relax. For information on domestic landscaping, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd.

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