Garden Design in Bolton

Garden Design in BoltonAre you are looking for a company that can help you with garden design in Bolton because you would like to change the way your garden looks? Perhaps you have recently moved onto a property and the garden has been neglected for years. It may resemble an untamed jungle and not a garden at all! If you have many ideas that you would like for your new garden but are struggling to imagine the end result, perhaps it is time to consult with a professional landscape company.

In Bolton, garden design is a specialty of Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. For over 30 years, this innovative landscaping company has provided excellently done garden landscaping and environmental projects in Manchester. With their wide-ranging experience combined with their expertise, they cope well with any project, from designing school play areas to business premises gardens, their clients include those from multinational corporations to private homes.

Garden design in Bolton is the most important part of your garden.  Planning the garden ensures that the end result will be precisely as you envisioned. Give their friendly team a ring and they will send an experienced surveyor to your home.  This is to discuss what type of garden you had in mind and the process that will be involved in creating it. You can both plan your garden together or if you are at a loss for ideas, he will suggest suitable ideas for you to consider. What is great about this initial consultation is that you won’t need to design and construct a complete garden at the same time. It may be that you prefer to concentrate on designing only one area, or to rather implement different areas over a period of time. Either way, you are ensured of a fantastic garden! Another service that is offered for the design of your garden is that of a full colour image of your garden ideas, based on the information you discussed during the initial consultation which can then be compiled for you to view what the end result could look like.  This service is available for a very small fee. If you need assistance with garden design, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd.

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