Playground Installation in Warrington

Playground Installation in WarringtonWe recently carried out a playground installation in Warrington. Our client was the head teacher of a new school and they wanted something that would provide a first class recreational facility for their children. That’s why they got in touch with Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. We’ve been designing and building play areas for more than three decades, so we know how to provide just what our customers are looking for. No job is too big or too small and we always provide a high quality finished product at a highly competitive price.

Warrington playground installation can provide many benefits for the pupils in your school, whatever age they are. Young children are full of energy, so it’s important that they have an opportunity to put that energy to good use. A beautifully designed play area is the perfect space for them to use up their energy. This is great for their health, as ten minutes playing can actually provide a great daily exercise. It’s also a good way to burn off excess energy and reduce boredom. This can reduce instances of bullying and anti-social behaviour in the classroom. All of our playgrounds are built to be a completely safe play environment, of course, including the use of rubber safety surfacing.

Your playground installation in Warrington can help the development of your pupils’ minds, as well as their bodies. That’s because young people are naturally inquisitive. When they’re using the new playground, they’ll be seeing how things work and getting to grips with the physics of it. Playgrounds stimulate the imagination, and encourage creativity. The children may be walking around a maze, or across a timber walkway, but in their imagination they’re on a pirate ship or in ancient Greece. We can also include fun and scented gardens within the playground environment. This gives your pupils the chance to get close to the wonders of nature during their break periods. If your school caters for older children we can provide painted sports courts that are suitable for basketball, netball, football and much more. We can also include cycling and roller blading areas. To find out more, speak to our expert team today.

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