Choose a Trusted Turf Supplier in Merseyside for the Perfect Garden

Turf Supplier in Merseyside With help from the best turf supplier in Merseyside, you can get your garden and grounds summer-ready. Choosing the right products and services is easy when you partner with Lancashire Topsoil. Our company specialises in supplying a wide range of topsoil and turf. All our products are carefully checked for quality before they are delivered. We ensure that our products match the highest standards so that your garden or grounds become the envy of the neighbourhood. We supply only freshly harvested, weed-free, healthy and lush turf. Our team of turf layers has the necessary skills and experience to provide you with the perfect lawn. We supply two types of turf – hard wearing and multipurpose. Based on your unique requirements, you can select the right one. Our in-house experts can help you with this.

For gardeners in Merseyside, turf supplier services have to be chosen carefully. Some of the less reputed companies may supply dry, weed-infested, old products that may never take root. There are several different varieties, so do your own homework before you purchase. For instance, garden turf is different from stadium, bowling-green, or ornamental lawn turf. Landscaping turf for large grounds may also be known as budget or lower-grade. Experts opine that the best garden turf is a good mix of rye grass, smooth-stalked meadow grass and some other types of fescue. Some companies may supply turf without some species such as rye grass, and this could make your lawn very high maintenance. We can work with you to understand your needs, lawn-care skills and time available for care, and budget.

The greatest advantage of opting for a turf supplier in Merseyside is that you get to enjoy your lawn almost instantly. Get in touch with Lancashire Topsoil to know more about our products and services. You can start using the lawn within about 3-4 weeks of laying the turf. Buying direct from us ensures that you get the best quality and the highest degree of freshness. It doesn’t require constant vigilance to keep birds away from the seeds, or as much watering. Turf can be laid around the year, even in winter, provided the ground isn’t frozen solid.

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