Use a Landscape Service in Bowdon, and Add Beauty to Your Property

Landscape Service in Bowdon, A landscape service in Bowdon may be needed for the house you have recently purchased. It looks like everything in the garden was planted twenty years ago. Anything that once flowered has long since stopped. The ornamental trees are at the end of their life cycle and it shows. They apparently had dogs if the dead spots in the grass are any indication. There is also quite a crop of clover interspersed throughout the grass. Yet there is so much worth saving and we can save and return to health the hardy mature plantings. We can replace those ornamental trees with young ones and add flowering plants and shrubs. Even those patio pavers with weeds sprouting between the stones can look new again.

Our team of professionals bring over 30 years of experience to all aspects of landscaping. In Bowdon, landscape service with us is comprehensive. We undertake such projects as design for properties large and small; water features; garden lighting for night time enjoyment; and playground installation. Our customers range from homeowners, commercial corporations, schools and sports club manages. We work to a high standard with healthy plant stock to insure your new plants thrive. Native plants are always a good choice since they’ve already proven their ability to thrive in our climate. Some require higher maintenance than others which is something to consider when choosing your plants.

Your garden may look rough now, but with our landscape service in Bowdon, you’ll soon have a lovely garden retreat. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and let’s have a look at your garden together. Together we can evaluate the desirability of what is already planted and discuss what you would like to see in your garden. When your choices extend beyond your budget, we can recommend other choices that you may like just as well. One primary criteria you’ll want to decide is the importance of low maintenance to you. Do you love tending annual flowering plants or would you prefer perennials that come back each year.  We can’t wait to show you our recent projects portfolio. You’ll be inspired.

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