Playground Installers in Stockport can Turn your Ideas into a Reality

Playground Installers in Stockport Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, playground installers in Stockport, can turn your ideas for a children’s garden and playground into reality. We build playgrounds for children of all ages with age appropriate activities. For young children, games can be incorporated that boost their practice of numbers, letters and colours; all while having fun. We design playgrounds that allow children to burn off their excess energy, use their large motor skills and hone their social skills. We have designed and installed playgrounds for schools across the country. When we do, we get the input from the school leadership. We have many options from which to choose so we ask what they want to achieve with the new playground. We want their vision of how this playground will contribute to the well being of the children.

On our first visit we measure the available space you have set aside for the playground. For schools in Stockport, playground installers and designers work with available space, the age of the children and preferences of the staff. With that information, our designer will create a happy play place with multiple features. We are landscapers and we recommend softening the area with a variety of flowers and green plants. The aesthetics have a soothing effect on children. Set aside an area for quiet play or reading surrounded by plants and maybe a feature interest like a footbridge, mural or totempole. This is also a lovely place to conduct outdoor storytelling. That leaves the open spaces for cycle tracks, game playing and water games.

Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, playground installers in Stockport will have our designer prepare a blueprint with your preferences and a price. There is no charge or obligation for our services to this point.  When we’ve all reached a final decision we’ll install your playground according to the final specifications. We first prepare the groundwork for proper drainage. We can install safety features such as security fences, gates and rubber safety surfaces. Perhaps you would like a small butterfly garden for fun and education. Call us at  Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we have so many ideas to share with you. We create playgrounds that appeal to all the senses, a child’s curiosity and their love for activity and learning.

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