Garden Design in Didsbury

Garden Design in DidsburyEvery good garden design in Didsbury starts with a plan. So look out over your garden or commercial property and think about what does your imagination tell you should be there? If you are at a bit of a loss, don’t feel bad. Most people know plants like they know art. They know what they like when they see it but they couldn’t replicate it from nothing. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we’ve been designing, planting and maintaining landscapes for over thirty years. Some of us have a natural gift for design or form and colour that is balanced and eye appealing. Others of us know our plants and what grows best where. Over the years we’ve honed our skills and talents and created beautiful landscapes for private homeowners, commercial enterprises and schools. We are proud to share our portfolio with you.

If you’re thinking your garden is too small or your commercial lot too cramped to waste time and money on landscaping; we would beg to differ. In Didsbury, garden design can turn these small gardens and scraps of land into works of art. Colourful bedding plants mixed with tall greenery can make a bare corner of your building come to life. Fill the small spots with colour and interest and it will create a welcoming atmosphere for friends or clients. Such attention to small details in your landscaping reflects well on you.  We can suggest low maintenance perennials and colourful flowering plants that will thrive and you can choose those you prefer. Your small garden can be turned into a lovely private retreat with well-chosen plantings.

Large undertakings or small, our garden design in Didsbury is the first step in creating your landscape. We present our plans for your approval along with a cost estimate. Upon your acceptance, we proceed to work our plan according to design. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd for garden design. It costs nothing to find out how professional landscaping could transform your home or business. If you’re worried about maintaining your lovely landscape we have some options for you. Our maintenance team at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd take on the entire job of maintenance on a regular schedule. Or you can do the regular weekly maintenance and we’ll do quarterly seasonal visits.

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