Industrial Landscaping in Congleton

Industrial Landscaping in CongletonGive your employees, clients and visitors a refreshingly green experience with  industrial landscaping in Congleton. As a business owner, you realise the importance of attractive workplace surroundings and the impression they make. Apart from the curb appeal of a professionally executed landscape design, well-cared for premises also have an impact on employee morale and enables people to have pride in their work. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we have more than three decades’ experience in creating unique designs to suit every kind of need, preference and budget. We have undertaken a diverse variety of projects in and around Manchester and the surrounding areas. We specialise in garden landscaping and environmental projects. Being a local business, we stay in tune with the prevailing trends and local milieu. Along with this, we give our clients access to the latest information, technologies and products available in international markets.

For many different businesses in Congleton, industrial landscaping provides a great opportunity for hotels, hospitals, retailers, factory owners, schools and colleges, airports, office buildings, as well as large and small businesses to create a unique and memorable brand image. It gives the message that factories and industrial units are not just places full of dust, debris, machinery, pollution, and noise. They can also be beautiful, restful and pleasant spaces. Our highly-trained, qualified and experienced team can make decisions regarding the kind of plants to select. Certain types of environments may not support very delicate plant growth. There may not be enough shade or the soil may be of poor quality. We keep these aspects in mind when choosing the vegetation.

Industrial landscaping in Congleton also creates areas where people can take a peaceful break among colourful flowers and lush greenery. We provide affordable, top-quality, end to end solutions, right from the design and planning stage to final execution and maintenance support. To find out more about our services, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today. If the manufacturing unit is very large, we could advise you to plant a stand of sturdy trees to create a buffer zone between the factory and the rest of the location. We also make recommendations to the premises owners regarding planting of trees to prevent spreading of dust and smoke if any.

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