School Playgrounds in Bowdon

School Playgrounds in BowdonOur individually designed school playgrounds in Bowdon are a wonderful way of making playtime special.  There are many different types and combinations of safe and educational playgrounds available.  We specialise in providing a full range of options for fun and learning in many areas.  We can build a tricycle or bicycle track which teaches the children about road safety and allows them to practice their newly learnt skills. We find that decorating an area with number games is very popular with young children.  We can also design an area that allows the children to sit in a circle to hear stories and is decorated with mythical beasts and fairies which helps to activate the imagination during story time.

When you need to keep the children engaged and interested in Bowdon, school playgrounds can be designed as exciting areas for any age ranges. We can design an activity area which will encourage the children to exercise and burn off excess energy making them less likely to want to take out that energy by bulling or being rough with each other.  Our timber work includes totem poles that can be painted by the children and timber walkways over pretend streams to help develop balance.  We can place rubber safety surfacing on the playground to prevent any harm coming to the children if they fall.  We find that gardens of all kinds are especially beneficial.

Installing school playgrounds in Bowdon is an art that has been learned and perfected over the years.  There are many different types of playground to suit different ages of child-safe environments. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today and we will visit you at your school to go over your unique requirements. Once we have decided on a design that suits the ages and abilities of the students we will offer you a no obligation free quotation.  We can work to a budget and start with basic and cost effective designs which can be built onto when the funds permit. Eventually the entire playground will be finished. We also advocate surrounding the playground in security fences as there is a need to keep out uninvited visitors.

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