Garden Designers in Eccles

Garden Designers in EcclesOur garden designers in Eccles can help you create your own piece of heaven on your property. If you have recently purchased your property, it is likely that you want to tackle the garden. Perhaps it has been left by the previous owners and is now a tangle of weeds and shrubs. Or perhaps your have recently built your own home on a new piece of land. Either way, you have a fresh palette with which to create your perfect garden. If you have many ideas but very little idea of how to put them together, our garden designer is the perfect person to speak to.

Wild and busy, or sedate and manicured? In Eccles, garden designers can assist in taking your ideas and arranging them into a working plan. Our garden designers and landscapers have over 30 years of experience in the profession. Our diverse experience and expertise as landscape designers make us the go-to company for creating a new garden. We have worked with a range of different types of companies and individuals with different expectations for their dream gardens. We can assist you in designing your perfect garden. From large organisations, school play areas and playgrounds, to the private home, our experience lies with our love for all plants and a dedication to creating the perfect outdoor area.

Garden designers in Eccles will pay you a visit on your property. You can discuss what you have in mind for your garden. Perhaps you are interested in a water feature? Our garden designers can advise you on what would be most suitable for your particular garden. To schedule a visit from our garden designers, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. Once our garden designers have completed a plan, they will send it to you by post, along with a quote of the cost for the labour. This is a free, no obligation service, and will give you an excellent indication of how competitive our prices are. It will also be the beginning of your perfect garden! Make your dream a reality, and speak to our garden designers today.

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