Commercial Landscaping in Trafford

Commercial Landscaping in TraffordTest yourself on the value of commercial landscaping in Trafford. When choosing between two restaurants for lunch, each with a delicious menu but one surrounded with pavement and the other heavily landscaped with flowers and ornamental trees, which would you choose? What about the same fast food restaurant equally convenient but one has a grassy area and plants and the other is just gripping the curb of a busy street? We at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd believe people needing lunch and a break from work will choose the heavily landscaped location. Resting their eyes on natural beauty is relaxing and even stimulates a feeling of indulgence, tranquility and luxury. Try it for yourself and see if that isn’t true.

Repeated studies have shown that customers will pass over businesses with plain uninteresting landscapes for those that are beautifully designed. For businesses in Trafford, well designed commercial landscaping will become part of how people associate your business brand. Daily experiences are about more than grocery shopping, dental appointments, stopping at the petrol station, signing papers at the lawyers and taking a coffee break. The environment in which we do these tasks impacts us, leaving a positive or negative impression. We’ll keep going back to the one that makes us feel good like the restaurant with the huge pots of flowers and twinkle lights in the trees.

Commercial landscaping in Trafford is sometimes associated with upscale shopping and housing districts. We view them as places of quality with quality products. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd we have been designing, installing and maintaining commercial landscaping that creates eye-catching curb appeal for thirty-five years. Given a choice, customers will more often choose the lovely landscaped shop because they associate it with quality. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd and let us draw up a landscape design for your business location along with a bid for the work. There is no charge for the service. If you decide to proceed with the project it’s a lovely way to give your business an edge against the competition. Using hardy perennial native plants as the foundation we can create a low maintenance but highly visible design to fit your budget.

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