School Play Areas in Altrincham

School Play Areas in AltrinchamDesign, creation and construction of top-quality school play areas in Altrincham are our specialties. Lancashire Top Soil Ltd has more than three decades’ experience in landscaping for domestic and commercial clients, commissioning of garden projects and environmental projects in the Manchester region and beyond. We also specialise in the sectors of artificial grass, decking and driveways, ponds and water features. Today, with the advent of technology, children tend to remain indoors for longer periods than they used to in earlier generations. Creating an attractive and safe school play area teaches them the value of healthy outdoor activities and play. This contributes to the overall development of both mind and body, along with boosting social skills and the spirit of co-operation. Currently, the government campaign to green up our schools has found resonance in many of the local schools.

We help to create attractive and imaginative school playground designs. In Altrincham, school play areas should also be safe. They should be designed to be in sync with the child’s age, physical and sensory-motor development. Lancashire Top Soil Ltd can provide a total solutions package, from design to finish and installation. We can help you right from supplying wet pore on the play areas to supplying and installing play equipment. We can also help you re-design your existing playgrounds to match the needs of modern child development principles and your physical education curriculum. Outdoor play helps in releasing pent up energy in youngsters, teaches them to cope with aggression, bullying, or boredom which could harm them in the long run. Our playgrounds are designed to match the age of each group. For very young children, simple yet imaginative features can be incorporated. These include timber walkways, tricycle tracks, and painting surfaces.

Our team of skilled designers can visit your school play areas in Altrincham and give you a range of options. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd for more information about our school play area designs. For older children, you can choose from our range of painted pitches, platforms, cycle tracks, roller-skating rinks along with quiet-time nooks to read or relax in. We also install security-fencing and grilles, rubber safety-surfacing, nature-gardens, sand-pits, activity-areas and shaded-areas.

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