Garden Design in Prestbury

Garden Design in Prestbury Lancashire Top Soil Ltd offers professional garden design in Prestbury  if you need a fresh new makeover, a thorough spring-clean or you want to plant a completely new garden. Even the most avid enthusiasts can find some of the hard work and chores associated with gardening difficult and tedious. We take care of the routine work, provide timely professional advice, help you with planning more attractive layouts and keep you updated on new trends in this field. With more than three decades of experience in landscaping and garden designing, we’re proud of our reputation for creating and maintaining healthy, beautiful garden spaces. Our portfolio ranges from large multinational corporations to private home-owners and no project is too large or too small for us to handle.

While selecting the right firm to help you, it’s important to ensure that you put in some time and effort before you decide. In Prestbury, garden design may be offered by a large number of companies and individuals. Experience and knowledge are what counts. Traditionally, garden designers may have other qualifications like architecture, landscape design or horticulture. It’s important to also ask for references and make sure that the company has done work in your local area. Meet a few former clients and confirm their work standards and ethics.

New garden designs in Prestbury may require assistance of other experts like construction contractors. You may have to dig, pave, install lighting and water-supply. Ensure that you have the right local council permissions for your project. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd if you need assistance with garden design. We have been providing professional garden design to our many clients for over 30 years. We are able to complete any project, from a small garden design to the landscaping of huge properties. With our diverse experience and expertise, we can do the same for you.

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