Garden Design in Lymm

Garden Design in Lymm   Planning and garden design in Lymm will create your beautiful garden. Everyone enjoys a lovely garden with points of interest but not everyone can create one of their own. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we work with you to create an outdoor space that utilizes the full potential of your available space. We consider many factors when designing a garden. Your preferences are first. We want to know what plants you like and if you like more lawn and fewer plants or vice versa. We will need to know if you want paver style walking paths and flower bed borders or if you prefer an all organic landscape. Perhaps you would like a patio or maybe a deck from which to enjoy your garden. What do you envision when you look out your window? Maybe you see a gazebo surrounded with waving wildflowers.

When we undertake your garden project, our goal is your satisfaction. Whether your garden is for business, municipal or domestic in Lymm, garden design by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd will make you proud. We have to consider the garden size, sun exposure and soil quality and we try to match that with your vision. However, we do have over 30 years experience in Landscape design and installation. We are confident that when your ideas, our ideas and the natural resource of your garden area combine, the result will be pleasing. If you want a gorgeous garden area but you have no clue what it should look like trust us. We will design a garden perfection for your location.

At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, we don’t just perform garden design in Lymm; we build the patios and gazebos, lay the pavers and plant the foliage and install the water feature. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd for garden design. We will come out and consult with you, get your input and prepare a proposal and design sketch for your approval. Private homeowners will add to their property value when adding a well- designed garden. Commercial properties will draw clients because an attractive well kept garden setting advertises your business as a well run organisation. You will feel happier arriving to work each morning.

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