Stunning Landscape Service in Bolton

Landscape Service in BoltonA landscape service in Bolton keeps your garden looking great and makes use of professional tools such as weed trimmers and push- and ride-on lawnmowers to mow your lawn, trim trees and hedges and plant shrubs, trees and flowers. For more than 30 years, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd have been beautifying the gardens of Manchester with their landscaping expertise. Private householders right up to multi-national corporations make use of their fantastic services. The skilled and professional team will send an experienced and talented surveyor to where you are to discuss how you want to lay and change your garden so that it looks great, and is well kept and healthy.

In Bolton, a landscape service gives you options. You don’t have to look at revamping your garden on a large scale. If you want just small pockets of your garden changed then this is the team for you. Small and large landscaping jobs – they take them all on with the same amount of dedication and professionalism. They simply want to help you make the most of your outside space so that you want to spend much more time in it. To enjoy it at night-time too, you can discuss beautiful lighting effects as well and you might want to include ponds and water features too.

A qualified garden designer from a landscape service in Bolton will come to your garden free of charge to get an idea of what can be done with it. The person will want to look at the type of soil you’ve got so that it can be certain that your grass and plants are being well fed. A test can be done on the soil as this will give them an idea of why your lawn could be battling to grow in certain areas. With the information gathered, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd will suggest ideas for your garden that turns it into a lush, beautiful garden that is the pride of the neighbourhood. For a professional landscape service, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd.

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