Creative and Unique Playground Design in Timperley

Playground Design in TimperleyDo you have a huge back yard and are thinking about installing a fun playground in Timperley? Playgrounds provide a fun, safe and meaningful place for children to engage in social interactions. Depending upon the design, a playground may also provide opportunities for educational enhancement. They also provide a place to engage in interesting activities. Most importantly, playgrounds provide much needed respite for parents who want to simply relax on a park bench while watching their children play.

In Timperley, playground design that is unique and creative is expertly done by Pacific Designs. They will construct the entire project including wet pore in play areas and supplying and installing the playground equipment. Unlike typical playgrounds that just have a swing set, slide and see-saw, playgrounds designed by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd have the ability to awe even older children. Playgrounds can be designed for simple games, or a fairy circle can be installed for a storytelling venue, a maze, number games and even mini painted beasts may be added for intellectual and visual stimulation. That’s not all! Totem poles that children can paint, timber walkways going over pretend streams and tricycle tracks can also be included in the playground. For older children, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd can install items such as cycle-proficiency tracks, roller skating grounds and painted pitches. For adults, shade areas, plants, water features and seating areas can be installed. Other creative and fun items that can be included are playground painting and murals, activity spaces, nature and scented gardens, sand pits, water games and tricycle tracks. Safety is also taken very seriously at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. As a result, they take care to install rubber surfacing and security grills and fencing.

If you are looking for an interesting playground design in Timperley, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today. Their playground designer will visit your location to discuss your requirements. The visit will also include a survey of the area for measurements. A plan of the design and a quote will be mailed to you via the post. This consultation is free and you are under no obligation. For a unique and creative playground design, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd.

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