Looking For a Company to Design Play Areas for Schools in Prestwich?

Play Areas for Schools in PrestwichDesigning and implementing play areas for schools in Prestwich requires a great deal of skill, creativity and safety know-how, which only an experienced company can provide.  When installing a play area, there are many aspects to consider such as the layout of the grounds, the play equipment, safety features, plants, activity areas and water areas to name a few. Considering there are so many aspects to installing a play area, it is best to hire a company with expertise and experience.

In Prestwich, play areas for schools are  creatively done by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd who are specialists when it comes to designing and constructing play areas. They are also experts in play ground construction such as installing wet pore in play areas to installing and supplying playground equipment. At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, they understand that playgrounds are a vital part of the school curriculum because they encourage social interaction, provide intellectual stimulation through the play areas, decrease boredom and encourage physical activity. For example, for young children, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd can install a fairy circle or story-telling section or even a maze. Other options for young children include tricycle tracks and pretend streams.  For older children, things such as cycle proficiency trails, platforms and painted pitches can be installed. Quiet seating areas with plants and shade are a welcome addition. In addition, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd offers a wide variety of playground equipment and games such as playground painting and murals, bicycle and tricycle tracks, activity spaces, grills and security fences, rubber surfacing, scented and nature gardens, quiet spaces and seating areas, shaded areas and sand pits and water games.

If you are looking for design ideas for play areas for schools in Prestwich, then give Lancashire Top Soil Ltd a call. Their qualified and experienced playground designer will visit your site and discuss your options and requirements. They will take measurements of the area, write down your requirements and return to you a plan for a new design, suggestions for the play area along with the cost of constructing the entire project. This consultation is provided for free with no obligation to purchase. Contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd for more on play areas for schools.

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