School Playground Specialists in Trafford

school playground specialists in TraffordSchool playground specialists in Trafford know when parents and children approach a new school, their eyes search out the play area. What they see will contribute to their impression of the whole school before they have even walked through the doors. Of course, parents want an excellent academic atmosphere where their children enjoy learning. However, playtime is essential for the good of the whole child. Approaching a new school and seeing a beautifully landscaped play area that is colourful and inspires physical activity will bring a smile to the face of both parent and child. The child sees fun and the parent sees a safe outlet for pent up energy. They like this school already. Envy the students fortunate enough to attend a school with a playground designed and installed by Lancashire Top Soil Ltd.

In Trafford, the specialists in school playground design and construction are Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. The intended play area is readied before skilled professionals begin the Wet Pour. Wet Pour is a rubber and resin based product that provides a safety surface for children. The level of safety depends on the depth of the pour. Incorporating colours into the Wet Pour will give children a safe and stimulating surface for play. When Lancashire Top Soil Ltd completes the Wet Pour for the school playground, they will also acquire and install the play equipment. Added aesthetics might include a sheltered seating area and colourful gardens.

Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, school playground specialists in Trafford, have been in business for thirty years. The company consists of design and installation professionals with a reputation of customer satisfaction. They can design play equipment within the Wet Pour by creating biking and skating lanes, games like hopscotch and story areas. It is the perfect surface for splash parks and water games. Create themes using colourful murals to tell a story. There are design choices suitable for all ages and levels of use. Not only are these playgrounds safe and attractive, they are low maintenance. The play surface is self-cleaning but a hose will clean tough spots. Put the skill and imagination of Lancashire Top Soil Ltd to work for the children attending your school.

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