Playground Installers in Manchester

Playground Installers in ManchesterWe recently helped a customer who was looking for high quality playground installers in Manchester. They were the head teacher of a school that had received excellent results and a glowing report and wanted a way to say thank you to the pupils and put something back for generations of pupils to come. That was why they got in touch with Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. They’d heard all about our landscaping and gardening expertise, but knew that we were also the company to come to for playgrounds in all shapes and sizes.

As leading Manchester playground installers, we’re often called to build new playgrounds in the city and across the north west. We don’t just fit the equipment and paint the play areas, we can also help with the design process itself. We often find that the decision makers, whether they be head teachers and governors, business owners, or local authority representatives, often have really good ideas about what they want to be included, but they’re not sure how best to achieve it. With over 30 years’ experience of designing and installing playgrounds, we can provide all the assistance that’s needed. You’ll be able to see examples of our previous work and study detailed plans before we begin your project.

People, like our recent customer, who are looking for playground installers in Manchester know all about the benefits they can bring. It’s easy to think that children today only enjoy playing video games, or sending messages on social media. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern children love playing outside just as much as their parents and grandparents did, when they have the opportunity to do so. A professionally installed playground gives them a safe yet fun area to use up their excess energy. There’s so much that you can have in your playground. From tunnels, slides and sandpits, to totem poles, walkways and even roller blading tracks. All ages can be catered for and having a fantastic playground can cost less than you think. Contact us today and talk to our expert team.

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