Choose a School Playground Specialist in Altrincham

School Playground Specialist in Altrincham Are you in search of a school playground specialist in Altrincham to help you with the construction of your playground project? A school playground can be designed to help with the school’s curriculum, assist with social interaction, provide exciting activities, and decrease boredom – which in turn stops bullying and aggressive behaviour in children. Very young children are known to be full of imagination and enthusiasm; so the playground should have games that would get them excited. The playground specialist should be able to provide interesting playground features such as timber walkways over pretend watercourse, tricycle tracks, and totem poles the kids can colour/paint. School playground specialists like Lancashire Top Soil Ltd are able to provide an array of options that would best suit your curriculum.

In Altrincham, school playground specialist that offers the best service is Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. A landscaping company that also specialises in gardening and playground construction; they provide playground building services across the nation for wet pore on play area surfaces. The qualified playground designer at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd will come over to your school in order to discuss your requirements. The designer will then measure the playground and return a plan for the new design by post, along with an estimate as to how much the project is going to cost you. You will be glad to know this consultation is free and you will not be obligated to go ahead. You can also ask to look at the portfolio of Pacific Landscape’s in order to view their previous work and get a good idea of the quality of work they offer.

Lancashire Top Soil Ltd is a school playground specialist in Altrincham that provides a wide array of playground equipment and games such as Pitches and drainages; Security fences and grills; Murals and playground painting; Activity spaces; Scented gardens; Rubber safety surfacing; bicycle and tricycle track; Nature gardens; Water games; Sand pit and shaded areas; Seating and quiet spaces. If you want bespoke school playground designs at highly competitive prices, then you can trust Lancashire Top Soil Ltd to provide friendly and reliable service. Call today for a reliable free (no obligation) playground construction advice and quotation.

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