Garden Drainage in Worsley

Garden drainage in WorsleyWe recently carried out garden drainage in Worsley, for a homeowner whose once beautiful garden had been waterlogged thanks to the increasingly severe weather the North West’s experienced over recent years. They knew that it had gone beyond the point at which they could intervene, so they sought professional help from Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. We have a great reputation as the landscaping experts to turn to, whether a client needs a new lawn or garden created, or a landscape maintaining or renovating.

The need for Worsley garden drainage is growing with every year. You’ll have noticed how much more rain we’re getting than we used to, and gardens have been noticing it too. The subterranean water levels keep rising, and eventually the ground can become saturated, leaving standing water sitting on the surface. This is disastrous for any garden, and is why garden drainage is so important for gardens that have become so wet that growth is prohibited. Saturated gardens are also a perfect breeding ground for moss, which is both unsightly and dangerous to walk upon.

Before carrying out the garden drainage in Worsley, we consulted the customer to find out exactly what they were looking for, and then carried out a survey of their land. Our garden drainage solutions are always tailored to the individual customer, and it’s important to ensure that there’s a suitable location for the water to be carried away to. Ditches and streams are ideal. The pipes that we install are all made to the highest quality, so you won’t have to worry about them springing a leak and causing a wet area again. Customers that have had garden drainage systems installed, will find that their garden becomes dry and manageable again, allowing them to get on with the jobs they love such as planting and pruning. No job is too big or too small for our expert team, and we can provide garden drainage systems for both domestic and commercial clients. If you need help with a wet, mossy, or saturated garden, give us a call.

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