Garden Drainage Enquiry In Lymm

Garden Drainage Enquiry In LymmIf your plants appear limp and moss is growing on your lawn, then it is likely you may have a garden drainage enquiry. In Lymm, you can address your concerns to Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. When it comes to gardening, most people only pay attention to the plants, trees, and aesthetic features of a garden (that is, adding a water fountain or gnome). Not many people realise that the beauty of your garden depends on what is happening in the soil. So before you run out and spend money on garden decorations, pay attention to the drainage.

A resident contacted Lancashire Top Soil Ltd in Lymm with a garden drainage enquiry. The gentleman was concerned with the accumulation of water on his lawn. He mentioned that this was impacting the growth of his plants and turf grass, but he was especially worried about damaging the foundation of his home. He was exploring a long-term solution for his garden drainage problem. According to experts at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, there are three ways to counter garden drainage issues. Firstly, soil permeability is a concern with poor drainage. Roots from grass, plants, and trees can lead to a thick barrier that inhibits water from leaving the surface. Add soil to this formula and you have an impenetrable barrier. Check your soil and roots by inserting a spade into the garden soil. If it appears hard, then the soil is compacted. All you have to do is aerate the lawn. Another solution for poor garden drainage is planting wet plants. These are plants that thrive in water and take up lots of it. Opt for wet-sun plants as opposed to wet-shade plants. This is a simple solution that does not require any chemicals, and you also don’t have to dig up your whole yard. The only drawback is that it is not a fast solution, because the plants need to grow. The content of the soil can also lead to poor lawn drainage. Soil that is rich in material such as clay makes it less permeable. You can change the nature of the soil by adding limestone and gypsum or put in organic matter.

If you have a garden drainage enquiry in Lymm, contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today. For more information about their landscape services, please telephone them directly at 0161 790 9845.

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