A Garden Drainage Enquiry In Altrincham

Garden Drainage Enquiry In AltrinchamHave you ever had a garden drainage enquiry in Altrincham? Professional gardening companies such as Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, recently received such a request from a client. The customer wanted to know how to detect if he had poor drainage in his garden.

In Altrincham, a garden drainage enquiry is often received by leading landscapers, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. According to their professional gardeners, customers need to pay close attention to their plants and soil, and check for moss, all three of which will give an indication of proper soil drainage. Plants are some of the best indicators of water drainage. Have a look at the leaves and general growth of the plant. Ask yourself, are the leaves yellowing or limp? Has the plant grown much since last year? Get down on your knees to the root level and check for root rot. Contrary to popular belief, soil does not have to be consistently wet. Another indicator of poor drainage is the soil. Very often, soil color gives the alarm signal. Soils that are compacted such as clay do not give water room to go through, which will lead to poor drainage. Soil that is pale gray indicates that the water is trapped. Brightly colored soil is what you should aim for. The sudden appearance of moss also lends a clue that you have poor drainage. Moss like to grow in areas where it is continuously wet and contains stagnant water. If you have a drainage problem, it is a perfect environmental condition for it to proliferate! At Lancashire Top Soil Ltd, gardeners use the methods mentioned above to check for poor drainage, and then apply solutions accordingly.

If you have a garden drainage enquiry in Altrincham, then call the experts in the business, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today. Apart from resolving garden drainage issues, they also specialise in garden maintenance, decking, water features, landscaping, and installing playgrounds. For additional enquiries about garden drainage or for information about their services and related costs, please contact Lancashire Top Soil Ltd today.

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