More Happy Gardeners in Prestwich

Gardeners in PrestwichWe were recently contact by a few gardeners in Prestwich. They were hoping that one of our expert designers could take a look at their design plans and see if it was actually possible to do what they had planned. Our experts sat down with them and took a look at their design. They had a very ambitious design in mind including a water feature and were hoping that we could make this happen for them. We took their design and for practical matters we made only a few minor changes to their ideas.

We first showed them that having a water line installed near the water feature would not only help with watering the plants but would also be very helpful for cleaning and maintaining the water feature. Once they settled on the final design we went out to their home in Prestwich. Gardeners like this couple really love the outdoors and use their gardens to express who they are so we wanted to make sure that all the plants correlated with not only the ascetics of the gardens but also their personalities. When we were finished with the complete design the couple could not have been happier.

Once we had completed the job they were thrilled, in fact they have just sent pictures showing how well everything grew in. Their design was so intricate that with everything filling in it just looks spectacular. Gardeners in Prestwich, there is nothing like sitting outdoors and enjoying the view of your beautifully designed gardens. So if you have a design in mind but may need the help of an expert designer to pull it all together give us at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd a call, we will literally bring your plan to life. Find out more on our website.

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