Desperate for Gardeners in Lowton?

Gardeners in LowtonIf you are looking for gardeners in Lowton, we at Lancashire Top Soil Ltd can help because we have more than 30 years experience in transforming gardens and commercial sites. Over that time we have carried out a number of challenging and rewarding projects for both domestic and corporate clients that allowed us to draw on our various skills.

Recently, a resident of Lowton needed gardeners at the residential property he had just purchased. After he contacted our office, one of our staff members visited the site in order to see it and consult with the client in terms of his needs. We then supplied a free quote. The home in question had a large garden with enormous potential. Unfortunately, previous owners had neglected the garden and the new owner was faced with flower beds that were overgrown and full of weeds, a lawn that was in dire need of attention, and two very large, dead trees that posed a danger to the house and a boundary wall respectively. It was decided that rather than try to replant and revive existing beds and grassed areas, the garden would be redesigned entirely. New flower beds were designed, a water feature was incorporated in the design, and a paved seating area was also included. Hydroseeding was used to re-establish a lawn as this method is less costly and quicker than laying turf. Our staff members who are trained tree surgeons, worked with the local authority in order to cut down and then remove the dead trees. New flower beds were shaped, edged and planted out, using the selection of plants and colours requested by the customer. Finally, the hedges were trimmed and all the cuttings and debris was removed, leaving a transformed space that the family could enjoy being in and looking at!

So, if you need the services of gardeners in Lowton, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation quotation and or free advice from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Call today and begin the transformation of your garden or grounds! Find out more from Lancashire Top Soil Ltd.

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