Great Garden Design Ideas in Stockport!

garden ideasIf you are looking for garden design ideas in Stockport, Lancashire Top Soil Ltd has the answers and ideas you seek. Recently a couple came to us with a bit of a problem. They had owned their home for over thirty years. During that time they had been the typical working couple with very little time for anything outside of work, raising a family, and other day to day tasks. Recently retired, they hoped to finally enjoy the home and garden they had ignored for years. The trouble was after years of neglect their garden was in shambles and they didn’t have the ability to get it into shape own their own.

When our friendly staff went to their home for a consultation the couple had many grand ideas but didn’t know how to pull everything together. This was the perfect job for our experts. After a survey of the property, and a long discussion with the couple in Stockport, garden design ideas came fast and furious. Our staff produced a full colour design plan for the couple that incorporated their ideas, the terrain of the garden, and all of the experience of our staff.

Once the project was complete, our clients were amazed with the transformation. What had once been a run down garden with nothing more than some dead grass and the odd tree had been transformed into an idyllic English garden complete with statuary, a water feature, and a variety of flowering plants providing year round color. They gushed that Lancashire Top Soil Ltd had made the process so easy they were upset they hadn’t taken this step years ago. They were also pleased to learn of our garden maintenance program, allowing them to spend their time enjoying their new space rather than maintaining it. If your looking for garden design ideas in Stockport, call us today on 0161 790 9845 today for your free competitive quote.

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