Garden Landscaping in Didsbury

Tresco Abbey Gardens, Scilly Isles, UK | A superb Sub-Tropical GWe recently had an inquiry about garden landscaping in Didsbury. It seems a couple had purchased a large home that had once had marvellous old gardens. However, now the old house was in a state of complete neglect and this included the outside landscaping. We sent up a consultation with them and went out to take a look at what we had to work with. We were very pleased to see that even though the previous owners did not maintain the gardens, they did start with a good base.

All of the garden areas were at level and they had some nice borders that could be updated and reused in the new layout. The owners did have several ideas of their own that they were hoping to include into the area. One idea they had was a water element. They weren’t sure whether they should go with a small pond to attract local birds or if they wanted a more visual effect such as a waterfall or fountain. In the end they went with the small pond so they could add a few Koi fish and watch the local birds in their Didsbury garden landscaping.

So after our consultation we were able to assure them that we could certainly assist with their garden landscaping in Didsbury. If you have a garden project that needs a complete overhaul or restoration or you just need some help getting your overgrown gardens back in shape in time for growing season, you should give us a call Pacific Landscaping for a free quote from an expert consultant. We can help you turn your gardening area into a great flower or vegetable garden.

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