Specialist Landscape Service Enquiry Stockport

landscapingFrom planning to maintenance, if you have a Specialist Landscape Service enquiry in Stockport, we can help. Lancashire Top Soil Ltd. are landscaping experts, which means we take care of both your soft and hard landscaping needs.

Recently we received an enquiry for a Stockport specialist landscape service. With over 32 years in the business we were able to put the client’s mind at rest. She had a double challenge: as she and her husband were getting on in years and so was their very old tennis court. What’s more, neither of them even liked the sport! She wished she could remove it, but really didn’t know how – or what to do with the space left over. She called the friendly Pacific Landscape team on 0161 790 9845 and not only did she get a host of great ideas from the experts, she also received a free, no obligation quote for her garden make-over. She was especially pleased that one company could do both hard and soft landscaping, so she wouldn’t have to open her gate to teams of strangers. Our professional team covers all aspects of landscaping, from paths, steps, swimming pool surrounds and other paving, to shrubs, flowerbeds and lawns, not to mention garden clearance and mulching.

This isn’t the first specialist landscape service enquiry in Stockport that we have received – our clients range from young families wanting climbing equipment and garden forts for their boys and girls to pretty and manicured gardens for private homeowners who are too busy to garden themselves – or don’t have green fingers! We also assist multi-national corporations and major building contractors – no garden is too big or too small! To find out what we can do for your garden, contact us via our website or give us a call.

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